• Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. J. Whitmore
  • Coaching is about taking the steps to help you gain clarity and move forward.
  • If you want to do something new, you have to stop doing something old. P.Drucker
  • Asking open questions causes people to think for themselves. J. Whitmore
  • You can't solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that lead to the problem.Einstein
  • To tell denies or negates another’s intelligence, to ask honours it. J. Whitmore
  • We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit. Aristotle
  • 'Coaching is a dance between two people..." G. Metcalfe
  • "..a conversation which challenges & swirls both with visions & practicalities."G.Metcalfe
  • Coaching encourages "great choices & positive actions" - G. Metcalfe

Coaching for Individuals

New Clarity for You provides coaching to meet the needs of each individual. Whether you have a specific area of your life you'd like coaching on, such as career, motivation or confidence. New Clarity for You will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

New Clarity for You has a network of highly skilled associates that have been specifically chosen for their specialism and experience.

Models used

New Clarity for You uses a variety of coaching techniques supported by psychological theory and disciplines to help you gain clarity and change the way you think.

Clarity 1 

This model is a 3 month programme of 1 hour a week. The philosophy behind this is it takes 6 weeks to break a habit and 6 weeks to build a new lasting one. Exciting goals are set in the first session that are then achieved over the 3 months. Issues that have held you back before are explored and this results in powerful change. This is really effective for issues such as exploring career transitions.

"I achieved more in 3 months than I ever imagined possible. Other things I have tried have been short term fixes, the 3 month programme really helped me explore what was holding me back and made the changes possible" (T. Johnson, Leeds)

Clarity 2 

This is for people who may have a clearer idea of what they want and are looking for fast solutions. This can normally be achieved in 1-6 sessions. This solution focused approach seeing clients leaving the first session with solutions they can move forward with.

Please take a look at our case studies

  • “Now I’m able to deliver on my targets. I’m working with ease and I’m really going to deliver.”

    Ana B, Investment Banker, London
  • “Now I’m able to deliver on my targets. I’m working with ease and I’m really going to deliver.”

    Ana B, Investment Banker, London
  • “After the call I feel positive, empowered and excited.”

    C. Longstaffe, Hypnotherapist, Sheffield
  • “The session was interesting and very well paced and my interest never flagged once!.”

    D. Johnson, Director of Information Services, Further Education College in South London
  • “The refresher session was excellently structured to rebuild confidence and develop skills in coaching.”

    R. Wild, Curriculum Leader, Further Education College in South London
  • “Life Coaching has been a massive help and has helped me to turn my life around. I have learnt a lot about how to motivate myself, improve my confidence and get things done. I would recommend life coaching to everyone..”

    D. Hancoch, Student, Further Education College in Hertfordshire
  • “A relaxed yet powerful session - well paced, informative and confidence giving.”

    G. Pine, Principal, Further Education College in South London
  • “Nicola thank you for rescuing my 2005!.”

    Kevan, Leeds
  • “Train all interviewers at college.”

    D.Dear, Vice Principal, Further Education College in Hertf
  • “"I feel that Nicola has helped me to become very positive. I now realise I can cope with the things that life will throw at me and deal with them effectively. She is friendly, none judgemental and is very inspirational" .”

    Member of staff, Further Education College in Hertfordshire
  • “If you require personal or business coaching I couldn’t recommend Nicola more highly. She is a true master of her art, she is highly qualified in her trade and able to ask questions that make you look at things in a new way. Absolutely brilliant!!.”

    N Richmond, Ireland
  • “I enjoyed the coaching very much, on my first session I was very nervous and even thought about turning around and going home but I'm glad I didn't because as the weeks went by it bought out a confidence in me I knew I had but it had been hiding away for years.”

    C. Insalaco, Student Admininistrator, Further Education College in Hertfordshire
  • “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my coach. The coaching scheme has totally opened up my eyes to how achievable your dreams/ideas are..”

    M. Lambe, Staff Development Officer, Further Education College in South London
  • “It has been amazing, I have really enjoyed every session and I am now beginning to see clarity and remain more positive in difficult times..”

    C. Williams, Hertfordshire
  • “I am now more confident in things I do in everyday life with regards to personal relationships and work and I have even got a new job as a result of believing in myself that I can do more than I think I can instead of hiding away.”

    S. Simmons - Teacher, Further Education College in Hertfordshire